Edgar, the storyteller by Maruša Novak

Edgar, the storyteller

by Maruša Novak

Edgar is a funny figure, with a funky story that started looong before winning the AngelHack Berlin in 2013. This is how he came to be.

He was born over a beer in between two conferences Damjan attended in 2012. Marusa, the artist, loved the idea and joined on board.

After some quiet time, Marusa and Damjan found 2 developers and in May 2013 they went to AngelHack Berlin to craft the prototype.

They did better, won the crown and were accepted in the HackCelerator in SF! Bam. Time to get real.

Edgar became ye favourite storyteller for crafters, makers and doers to brag about stuff they do. People love it. SeedCamp finals followed.

Boom. Slap. PIVOT time. Instead only to craftsmen, Edgar opened towards all the creatives and… organizations.

It's Autumn 2013 and Edgar is a big boy already. Having his first Demo Day in SF, making awesome friends… becoming a grown up storyteller.

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Edgar, the storyteller by Maruša Novak
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