Turkiz collection by Maruša Novak

Turkiz collection

by Maruša Novak

In 2012 I was invited to prepare for an individual exhibition in Italian town of Tarvisio. It was to take place in the old town hall.

I wanted to prepare something completely different than the previous artists. So I started playing with vivid colors like the turquoise.

I didn't really like the turquoise color, but hey, as an artist, I said what the heck. Don't be a hatter for a color, right?

I used small canvases and illustrated each with illustrations about a fictional winter city. They formed collections if joined in groups.

At the end, there were almost 100 canvases and I only hoped people will love the humor and expression of the illustrations.

The small colorful squares filled the building and… already the opening was a success. Even the major wanted one of the collections.

Boy, was I happy. The Turkiz collection was later exhibited in Maribor and you can still get some pieces if you visit me or find me online.

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Turkiz collection by Maruša Novak
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