workshop "Catch a Rabbit!" by Maruša Novak

workshop "Catch a Rabbit!"

by Maruša Novak

In Summer 2013, with 2 artist friends we were asked to have a 2 week workshop for primary school kids. We had freedom to decide what. Cool.

"OK girls, let's do something crazy. Something we don't have a clue about. What about making robots?" "But we are artists, you know…"

So it was, we prepared a workshop for kids to hack existing devices like old mobile phones and create wacky robots from scratch.

To see the expression on the parent's face when you say: "Please bring some old vibrators" surely is priceless. But there we were …

… Making spinning, vibrating and water-floating robots with the kids. They loved it. We loved it. The parents loved us.

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workshop "Catch a Rabbit!" by Maruša Novak
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