Biomodd workshop Maribor by Maruša Novak

Biomodd workshop Maribor

by Maruša Novak

Combining plants and computers and other IT stuff in one happy ecosystem sounded cool right after I was introduced to the idea.

I was hyped when Angelo Vermeulen came to Maribor with the Biomodd project. His goal: create an intermedia installation with IT & plants.

The team went crazy with plans, sketching ideas how to create cool and plants-friendly environments in symbiosis with technology.

We started gathering old computer parts & all kinds of plants. Followed by assembling parts in working pieces and creating art installation.

In a week, the team came up with so many cool solutions that I was blown away. Self-watering system, grass growing out of keyboards…

The final exhibition was a success and it inspired me to continue working on Biomodd. And hey, I adopted one of the plants…

… called Mr. Roza, who still has a live Tumblr blog. No, really!

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Biomodd workshop Maribor by Maruša Novak
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