Long-lasting friendship by Ida Klancar

Long-lasting friendship

by Ida Klancar

As a young teacher I was given a scholarship for a three-week training course in Nottingham, England by the British Council.

Nusa was the other participant from Slovenia. Her family had a small house right on the coast in Fazana. She talked about it with affection.

I've been her guest year after year. I always enjoyed the coastal atmosphere. The time spent there has become magic for me.I call it luxury.

The place resembles a modern sort of Robinson's C. holidays. Luckily it is close to the Pineta camp and the old town of Fazana.

When I want to communicate with the world I cycle to the centre. There is a nice hotel where I enter the internet world.

I sit at an outside table and enjoy the view of the small port. I check my email while drinking a nice cup of coffee.

Friendship with Nusa has lasted for a long time now. I like her positive approach to life, the joy she shows in everything she does.

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Long-lasting friendship by Ida Klancar
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