"Grass Straws" by Pija Samec

"Grass Straws"

by Pija Samec

This is a story about making stories. It's a story about imagination, dreams, friendship, acceptance and growing up. It's a story about us.

It all began when a group of volunteers decided to "hang out" with a group of lively 5th graders who had a big desire to learn and create.

We had one single goal. To teach children how to understand, accept and help each other, despite their ever growing differences.

We did that by integrating them into various entertaining social games that tought them vital social skills. They were lots of fun!

We also did homework. That taught us responsibility and diligence. We found out that with a little help, homework is easy.

But for the most part, we were creative. We were writing stories, drawing and even displaying our talents. Our imagination was limitless.

Our year concluded with a picnic in a park. After an amazing afternoon, we learned that we have grown just like grass straws in the spring.

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"Grass Straws" by Pija Samec
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