aTraveler by Brigita Klajnšek


by Brigita Klajnšek

I'm not really a traveler and I don't know why people take pictures of their feet on different floors, but sometimes I have to do it too.

I made a little trip to south east Slovenia with this two guys. The guardians of the famous roman portal at Konstanjevica na Krki.

Our first stop was Pleterje Charterhouse. I don't prefer churches but great aesthetics is always a good inspiration.

There's no need to search for big stories 'cause little things can make big impression. One thing I try to avoid are insects. Dead or alive.

BTW do you know Pipi & Melkijad (Piggeldy und Frederick) a little and a big pig? They said goodby before we continued our journey. :)

Historical building with a beautiful baroque facade scenery was waiting for us in Kostanjevica and there was a place for a little spy games.

Yes, they really thought they were super heroes on foreign planet. It was time to fly me home.

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aTraveler by Brigita Klajnšek
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