To dance in Izola by Nikce Pikce

To dance in Izola

by Nikce Pikce

It happened because my friends were taking dance classes. I wanted to do it too. For fun. It was in 1989.

It really was fun. Years of socializing, learning, music, struggling, performing, dreaming,… In 2004 I am still here.

Some years of shade, there's no group to join for the 'older' dancing girls. But still here, sticking to the dance studio with Vesna.

I guess our dream was too strong. In 2010 some beautiful dancers just showed up. It was a new start, a different energy, a new performance!

A special friendship! Girl power in the backstage of Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, 2012

Trying to make a video, getting to know some different surface for our dancing bodies (2012).

Together we grew up to dance our second performance (2013, ERvolucija/ERvolution). The story is not finished yet...

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To dance in Izola by Nikce Pikce
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