by Tjasa Pegan Leversund

After having moved from an ex island to many fjords, I declared my hometown --Izola/Isola-- and my current city --Oslo-- ... twins! ♥

OSLO: boats, fishermen, sea...even gardens in the middle of a cosmopolitan city! Boss of a magazine + leasehold farm = Hjemmets Kolonihager

The Kolonihager celebrity is Portveien 2. It was a very famous & successful children's TV series in the 80s with a VIP, namely, the Giraffe!

100+cabins are similar in design. All roads lead to the square with an old water pump. Café and cinema are also available. C'est la vie!!!

Garden colonists love putting their hands in the soil as well as watch things grow. Just to name/show you a few.........

SLOVENIA: There is a longer period to enjoy gardening in the Mediterranean. In this picture: mummy's garden and granny's flowers ♥

Oh, have I mentioned Portveien 2 in Oslo is our window view? :) We are moving in a couple of days. I will miss this magical place.

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