Via Nordkapp by Peter Lubej

Via Nordkapp

by Peter Lubej

You should start somewhere. Don`t forget to put everything in the car. Everything! It`s a 8500 km long trip.

When driving to promised land, you can find some long lost relatives and be the only one who know where they rest in peace.

Baltic countries are awesome, amazing, real wonders of this world. Imagine you could live here ...

And just when you think you`ve seen everything ... Some extraterrestrial finnish landscape.

My Citroen David VS. The Goliath ... Who`s the man?!

From 1553 this was considered Europe's northernmost point. They were so wrong!

This is Europe's northernmost point. For real. Knivskjelodden. We made it!

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Via Nordkapp by Peter Lubej
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