FreshK.A. cubes by Andreja Kuhar

FreshK.A. cubes

by Andreja Kuhar

Since I work in carpentry workshop I'm in loveee with wood!! And children love it. It's natural, of course they love it!So I got the idea... make the playing cubes for that they could build their towers etc.with this beautiful unique pieces of different woods.

Not so fast! First I have to gather such unique pieces. Look at this uniqueness-what a word! But that's wood.

After I cut the wood and hammer the edges (literally!)I protect it with natural oil that smells like oranges and lemons.

The idea is still in early phase...the cubes need sweet package and some...children.

I know you love them to! So...this story is to be continued...with a sweet bag and my FreshK.A. name on it.

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FreshK.A. cubes by Andreja Kuhar
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