Unique children`s shoes by Maja Tarkuš

Unique children`s shoes

by Maja Tarkuš

Quality children's footwear Brands : Ciciban, Superfit, Teva, Ipanema

The main purpose of footwear is to protect our feet- it is important for children to wear shoes that encourage correct foot development

This shoe has it all- rolling soles, the ease of sliding into the shoes, a breathable inner lining and the sole profile

Teva make children’s shoes that they can take from muddy pitches, to hiking trails and to water

They are in tune with children’s needs, are both omfortable and fashionable, and, last but not least, are anatomically designed.

Ipanema has long been one of the hottest flip flop brands-lively, vibrant, sensual, all the while maintaining that unique charm and comfort

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Unique children`s shoes by Maja Tarkuš
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