Everydailys by Brigita Klajnšek


by Brigita Klajnšek

At first sight my home is just a simple household. But if you look again ...

It was a little boring rainy day. Suddenly a slight scream came out of a kitchen.

A Banana Vampire just sucked the blood out of Mr. Blackspot on the desk. Green spots of blood were spread everywhere. Unfortunately...

... the little Lemon Riding Hood saw the vege horror. Trying to escape she forgot the wolf was stil there, waiting for her.

Her Fork Brothers rushed to help, but they scared the hell out of a yellow Cornyboy who surrendered immediately.

Meanwhile ... Cornyboy's uncle, detective Flaker Cornes, tried to prevent the vampire's grandpa to rob a bank.

THE END (Illustrations have been made by Brigita on her iPhone while she was cooking a risotto out of my friends!)

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Everydailys by Brigita Klajnšek
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