Storyweek , 5-12.jan 2014 by Edgar

Storyweek , 5-12.jan 2014

by Edgar

Every friday there's new week in pictures - Storyweek, made by my makers, Marusa&Simon. Will keep you posted!

Christmas holidays celebrated by millions of people around the world. I wish they would last longer...

Ferrari fans display a giant Ferrari flag in Grenoble as they attend a silent 45th birthday of Michael Schumacher.

Brrr. Cold temperatures and snow hit US.

Me, Edgar with my team moves to Sofia, Bulgaria. That's a journey to remember! Stop by our office at

Indonesia's North Sumatra province - Mount Sinabung volcano spews ash during an eruption.

Chinese icebreaker Xuelong has finally escaped from thick ice in Antarctica.

CubeSensors wins first hardware battlefield in Las Vegas at CES. Hooray!

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Storyweek , 5-12.jan 2014 by Edgar
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