Storyweek , 12-19.jan 2014 by Edgar

Storyweek , 12-19.jan 2014

by Edgar

Every friday there's new week in pictures - Storyweek, made by my makers, Marusa&Simon. Will keep you posted!

An epic sight of frozen white water in Senj, Croatia

Kekec's father Josip Vandot's 130th Birthday (born 1884)

You can sign up to have your name travel to Asteroid Bennu with NASA. More info:

Edgar team working tirelessly night and day building a detailed plan. Edgar also met an awesome new mentor Christofer

Prototype of a contact lens measuring glucose levels in tears, for diabetics was shown to the public.

Fishing winter harvest festival in India

Google buys Nest, the connected device company for $3.2B

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Storyweek , 12-19.jan 2014 by Edgar
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