My Dream School by Lisa

My Dream School

by Lisa

Arizona State University Average cost per semester instate is $11,150

Total enrollment at ASU Undergraduate students 59,382 Graduate students 13,996

ASU offers 290 academic undergraduate programs

ASU tuition per semester for instate students is $5,001 Out of state students pay $11,827 per semester

Housing at ASU dorms for a shared room starts $2,849. per semester with meal plan average cost $1849 per semester for a total of $4,698.

The cost of books is about $750 plus $300 for fees per semester in addition parking at ASU average $350 per semester

Acceptance to ASU: Top 25% in graduating class, 3.0 GPA in competency courses (4.0 = A) ACT 22 (24) and college prep courses in HS

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My Dream School by Lisa
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