Once upon a wine box.... by Julia

Once upon a wine box....

by Julia

A story of the seaside delivered in the post! How to #Evoke memories using sensory objects.

oooooohhhh - how exciting - a parcel wrapped in brown paper and string

Booooo! Thought it would be wine! Very intriguing though ...what's it all about?

Aah, an experience of the seaside.....great memories

The connection with my business ?....…right, got it. Give clients great experiences and memories of us and ....

.... they’ll want to come back. But there’s something else too, I’m sure of it… Got it! My teams would be hugely motivated ...

...to deliver a fab client experience & then surely they’ll also be brilliant commercially?? It’s just a different way of thinking really..

although they can’t just leap straight in. They’ll need small steps, change of focus, support & permission. So who do I talk to about this?

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Once upon a wine box.... by Julia
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