Prehistory by Caitriona


by Caitriona

Prehistory refers to the long period of time before people invented systems of writing.

Historians study how people lived in the past. They study artifacts and written evidence.

Anthropology is the study of humans and the societies they create. All aspects of culture are studied.

Archeologists study the remains of people and animals. Artifacts, or objects made and used by humans, help us understand the past.

Mary Leakey was an anthropologist who found human like skull fragments, in Africa. These were the first remains found, dating 1.75 mya.

Donald Johanson, another anthropologist, who found a partial hominid skeleton. He discovered "Lucy," the earliest known hominid.

'Lucy' lived more than 3 mya. She is the earliest known hominid. Her skeleton is 40% complete.

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Prehistory by Caitriona
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