Storyweek, 9.-16.2 by Edgar

Storyweek, 9.-16.2

by Edgar

1st week of Olympic Games has been very exciting. My favorite team (Slovenia) won 4 medals. Hooray!

And it was quite a week for me too. Yop, Marusa made a slightly new shape of ... me, Egdar. I've lost some weight, right? Or?

Time to get serious. My makers are quite busy with me. Keep your fingers crossed, and expect a surprise in the following days!

Oh, Damjan returned from Amsterdam, and he brought many presents ;) Check Interaction14 talks here:

It's gone. The popular mobile game that was beloved, and sometimes hated by millions of users was recently removed from app stores.

So many reasons to celebrate those days, that I run (almost) naked on the streets of Sofia. Wish you all happy Valentines day!

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Storyweek, 9.-16.2 by Edgar
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