In-doc Station @Great Lakes. by Clayton Holmes

In-doc Station @Great Lakes.

by Clayton Holmes

Every one that went to Great Lakes, IL. for boot camp remembers there first day, at the in-doc station.

Have you ever been somewhere, where they would just not stop yelling at you? If not....Then you've never been to in-doc at Great Lakes IL

More then 1000 new recruits being pushed through in-doc in one day. If you even look the wrong way, your gonna get screamed at.

They make you strip off all your cloths down to nothing, into the box they go. They say no personal items at boot camp, period.

We got issued our navy sweats to cover our butts. Then we wrote our addresses on our boxes and shipped them home.

The barbers cut about 1000 hair cuts in less then a hours time total. Not one person was happy about their hair cut.

We were broken up into divisions and taken up stairs to classrooms. Our drill instructors went over rules, rules and more rules.

By this time we were all exhausted, mentally and physically. But in-doc was over and we were now officially NAVY recruits.

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In-doc Station @Great Lakes. by Clayton Holmes
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