Wise Man by ricardo saucedo

Wise Man

by ricardo saucedo

Who my coach was for me and meant to me, and him leaving

Herb Sanders: An inspiring, joyful, wise, intelligent Man.

Vietnam built him up to be the man he is today. Taught him to never take life for granted, love baseball, and live for a meaning.

Used baseball as a way to teach us how to grow as men. teaching responsibility, hard work, dedication, integrity and respect

God shaped Coach Sanders. It is what kept him going everyday. Jesus gave him the energy to keep helping the community through god.

The hospital story Coach Sanders told us after he recovered was what inspired me the most about him as a person.

Coach Sanders was always there for us in and out of practice, he gave us a lot of his time. Never complained about it either.

As a team we cried, and cried our sorrows as we said our last goodbyes to the most amazing coach alive.

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Wise Man by ricardo saucedo
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