One of a Kind Stranger by Claudia

One of a Kind Stranger

by Claudia

Throughout my lifetime, I must have met millions of people, but there are only some who have stayed by my side and become part of my life.

Two years ago, I rode the crowded, filthy yellow vehicle they called a bus. That was when I saw her sitting in the front row by herself.

She wore a simple, pink, flower-patterned skirt and a long sleeve, black shirt that made her stand out from everyone else.

Her dirty blond hair covered half of her face, not showing her smooth complexion though it was braided. Arriving at school we said," Bye."

The same day, in English class I realized that in front of me sat the same girl i had met on the bus. We were able to working together.

From meeting her in the small, packed bus to having her in class, we were brought closer together, and we instantly become friends.

Today we are still close friends and i have learned so much from her.This one of a kind stranger traveled into my life for a reason.

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One of a Kind Stranger by Claudia
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