Learning The Hard Way by jarrod

Learning The Hard Way

by jarrod

Somethings cant be taught, or pulled off of the internet. Something you just have to learn the hard way.#hardheaded.

Steve Finesilver a.k.a. Coach Finesilver is the head of the George Washington football team.

Right before each game Coach would give us an encouraging speech that would help with the pregame jitters.

Coach ran a back breaking, character building summer program called Jobs by George.

Being a former weight lifting champ it only made sense that Coach was a weight lifting trainer.

In gym we would split into teams, and the loosing team would always have to do some physical conditioning.

Out of all the lecturing, being on time and self presentation were the ones that actually stuck.

In today's society you are late if you are not early.

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Learning The Hard Way by jarrod
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