The studying Model by Albiona Bendaj

The studying Model

by Albiona Bendaj

I can never study in a disorganized table, without talking on skype beforehand,without checking my social media accounts at least 30 times

When the right time clicks, i make sure i have everything i need for the process: notebooks, books, enough pens and snacks.

Next follows the reading part. I always start with the books.

Reading textbooks can be boring, so after reading for 30 minutes, i reward myself with a 5 minute snack- break :)

With notes as a final wrap up, the whole understanding of what i am studying becomes easier.

The final step is revision, important because helps me visualize concepts and new stuff i would not remember otherwise.

While studying, i listen to Pink Floyd as background music because it helps me concentrate more.

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The studying Model by Albiona Bendaj
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