Gladys the Sample Lady by Madi Blue

Gladys the Sample Lady

by Madi Blue

Gladys is a sample lady at my local Costco who puts on a crusty front but has a soft side. In doing so, she put a positive impact on my life

By Madi Blue

Costco is a large store that sells a lot of items in large quantities and other items. This is where Gladys works.

Gladys is a 65 year old sample lady who works at my local Costco. She looks grumpy but actually showed a fairly nice, courageous side.

Our first time meeting face to face, she was sampling steak bits. A bitter attitude toward shoppers who most likely go for the free samples.

A teen approaches the neighboring Keurig sample lady to ask for water. She denies his request, then his angry dad comes and makes a scene.

The angry father wanted water from the coffee filter to give to his sick wife. Gladys steps in to protect and defend her fellow sample lady.

Her courage was inspiring and had positive imprint on me. It made me what to be more like that even if she is just a stranger.

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Gladys the Sample Lady by Madi Blue
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