D2L: Blended Learning Env't by Tina Zita

D2L: Blended Learning Env't

by Tina Zita

A quick overview of D2L, the ministry provided learning management system.

Do you want to maximize student interest in digital technologies? Do you want to extend learning past your physical classroom?

With many tools that allow us to blend the learning environment, D2L allows us dig deeper.

With modules, discussions, surveys, assignments and many other tools we can engage students we haven't engaged before.

Ministry content is available for many curriculum areas and can be personalized for your learners.

We can't forget the ePortfolio tool which allows students to document their learning across subjects and grades.

D2L is available now through byod.peelschools.org.

Contact your ITRT for more information or attend one of the upcoming sessions on MY LEARNING PLAN.

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D2L: Blended Learning Env't by Tina Zita
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