Winter Wonderland by Twila Rogers

Winter Wonderland

by Twila Rogers

Enjoying Winter in Silverthorne, Colorado. It's magical!

No, No, No....Not the flour used to make cookies and pastries! The "Gold Medal" title given by the CWC to high quality aquatic domains.

Umm. He looks rather scary, I'll just have a salad. Trout is very common in Blue River, which is the heart of Silverthorne, Colorado.

There are more than 9,000mi. of trout streams in Colorado, only 322mi. have been labeled "Gold Medal" domains. Blue River is so much more.

Oh, how beautiful it is, even from a distance. My Winter Wonderland awaits...This town is the second most populated town in Summit County.

It's so serene here, and fully operational, though it be such a small town. There's something to do for everyone, all ages, year round.

Absolutely breath-taking... Taking in the splendor of such an amazing scene is an experience like no other. Can you feel the fresh breeze?

Wow... Absolutely gorgeous, not just in town, but also along the way. Take a walk along Blue River, rediscover the beauty of Colorado.

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Winter Wonderland by Twila Rogers
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