Grandma's place by Angelica Diaz

Grandma's place

by Angelica Diaz

As I walk in my grandmother's house I see my grandma with her silver walker

My grandma's black Chihuahua with golden brown eye brows runs up to me and jumps on me

In her living room she has two tan comfy couches made out of cotton, a love seat and a couch with tan pillows on it and flowers on it

I walk through to her kitchen.She has Brown wooden cabinets and her table is wooden.

she has pictures up on her walls of all her children and grandchildren, and she also has a lot of pictures up of the beautiful Virgin Mary

On the dresser is a statue of the Virgin Mary praying with a dim light shining behind her, my grandmother's prayer books and her rosary's.

Last is the back room when you walk in you see a bed and more pictures.

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Grandma's place by Angelica Diaz
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