Karlis Family Center by Nichole Schneider

Karlis Family Center

by Nichole Schneider

Walk into the double doors and right away you’re greeted by smiling faces

Everyone's so friendly so willing to help with a smile on their face.

Immediately you notice bright colors from pictures hanging on a wall that is made to look like a jungle with neon colored snakes and monkeys

As you look in each room you notice they are all equipped with tvs and dvd players, chairs and tables, mountains of toys and stuffed animals

All while being watched by someone just an ear shot away with a clip board taking some kind of notes.

safe exchanges or supervised parenting time, knowing your child is safe while seeing their parent is a reassuring thing.

This is a safe and friendly place where caring people devote themselves to making sure children are safe and having fun when seeing a parent

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Karlis Family Center by Nichole Schneider
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