The Man on the Light Rail by Bryana Sena

The Man on the Light Rail

by Bryana Sena

An old man and young girl meet on the light rail during a rainy day in Denver. He gives her his jacket to keep warm. He restores humanity.

I waited for the light rail amongst strangers in a tsunami filled Denver. Fear strikes as I thought of the evil, but humanity will prevail.

I took off my soaked jacket as the train arrived, heading to the Broadway station. I lounged on the seat till a silhouette startled me.

An old man now sat across from me. He donned a wedding dress-white sports jacket. His beer belly contrasted to his skinny somber face.

The man and I read each other like a book as we locked eyes.I turned away to curl up for warmth. I'm then dazed by a billow of white clouds

I was speechless that this man, whom I have never met, nor shared a sense of racial identity with, gave up his jacket to a complete stranger

Before departing to the Englewood Station I gave the man his jacket back. Without acknowledgment he grasped my hand, a mutual appreciation.

I let go to walk away. We locked eyes one last time. I was no longer startled by his stoic stare but basked in his subtle teaching.

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The Man on the Light Rail by Bryana Sena
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