Storyweek, 23.2-2.3.2014 by Edgar

Storyweek, 23.2-2.3.2014

by Edgar

Week from 23.2 - 2.3.2014 in stories ;)

The Olypmics ended epicly for Slovenia. Gathering up 8 medals for our 2 million inhabitants. Not bad :D

NASA's Keppler mission announces 715 newly discovered planets. Read more:

Ukrainian anti-governemnt demonstrators take over several high officials' homes. Including president Viktor Yanukovych..

Edgar went on a ski trip to Bansko :{D

Maha Shivratri a hindu festival in reverence of Lord Shiva, commences in India. Happy Maha Shivatri

The traditional Opera Ball was opened in Vienna, Austria. Seeing all these people dance, makes me want to dance as well ;)

NASA-Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, launches the GPM spacecraft. It will map global rainfall and snowfall. More:

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Storyweek, 23.2-2.3.2014 by Edgar
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