Edgar's winter retreat by Damjan Obal

Edgar's winter retreat

by Damjan Obal

The epic journey to find snow in the misty mountains of Bansko, Bulgaria.

Team Edgar heard the tale of snow in the far away mountains. Could this be?

Team of 5 extraordinary heroes went on the quest to the misty mountains. They started in the 1000 years old forest.

On their quest they took refuge among the legendary wise men of Rila Monastery. They call it the Bulgarian Jerusalem.

O-oo, who's that?!? Our heroes encountered the evil lord of the wooden sticks, Vin Diesel, the Yanado himself. Will he let them pass?

"I will! If you dare to LEAP." Of course they did, because it is only the ones who dare that reach the top of the misty mountain.

The white powder of the gods. Snow at last.

Our heroes did it once again. And the smile on the heroine proves that the quest was an epic success.

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Edgar's winter retreat by Damjan Obal
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