Jonathan by Anne-Marie Tait


by Anne-Marie Tait

Jonathan Davis is a hero to many of his listeners...he offers up his music as a catharsis both onstage and off.

He growls urgently into his microphone, "Arrrre...Yooooou...Reeeeaaaady?" The wail of guitars weaves a stream of sound around him.

As if on cue, the audience shrieks and bobs in unison, fists pumping the air. They hang on every word he sings.

It's been a hard road from Jonathan Davis' troubled childhood where he suffered abuse and bullying to the fame and influence he has today.

He soon realized that music was an effective catharsis for the grief of his innocence lost. He has touched innumerable lives with his songs.

Fronting his band KoRn, Jonathan serves his fans as a touchstone, both onstage and off.

Many of his fans have been through the same sort of trauma in their lives. They are grateful that their hero understands.

About his fans he says "Without them, I wouldn't be alive, I think." Indeed, they need one another. He, in turn, inspires them to live.

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Jonathan by Anne-Marie Tait
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