This is OUR San Diego... by Jami'a White

This is OUR San Diego...

by Jami'a White

We love the city of San Diego and we know that we will travel here again often, it makes us want to eat, enjoy life, and forget schedules.

Playing in the sand at Coronado Beach!

Type "A" personalities are not invited to the beach. Watching the kids play on the beach gives a mother fantastic memories.

5 kids in a hole, embracing and enjoying their afternoon of hard work. My only contribution was capturing this adorable photograph.

Time is a concept we choose to ignore. You don't need a watch on the beach, or a reminder to awaken in the morning-sleep in and enjoy it!

A breathtaking view of the city without having to deal with all of the noise and people.

Precious moments that can easily be missed when one forgets to allow time for little things. These are moments that matter.

Mussels are one of my favorite foods and oldest son is also in love with this delicacy. Unfortunately my youngest son is still unconvinced.

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This is OUR San Diego... by Jami'a White
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