More than just a zoo by Hristo Georgiev

More than just a zoo

by Hristo Georgiev

This is a Story of the San Diego Zoo - a zoo with a cause.

The San Diego Zoo is not just an exhibit, it's a humanitarian organization, an avid defender of all the wildlife in the world and a school

"The San Diego zoo was founded to benefit the children of San Diego".When hospitalized children can't go to the zoo, the zoo comes to them

The zoo is "leading the fight against extinction" by actively participating in environmental and wildlife preservation programs.

Numerous educational programs help raise awareness in children about wildlife conservation and develop empathy and affection to animals.

By using technology in new and innovative ways, the San Diego zoo not only enhances the visit of the zoo. It gives a new experience.

The San Diego Zoo outruns its competitors because it hears what its customers want before the competition.High ratings are not a coincidence

This was the story of the San Diego Zoo. Now sit back and enjoy the show!

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More than just a zoo by Hristo Georgiev
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