Miraculous lake by Gergana Nikolova

Miraculous lake

by Gergana Nikolova

Scenic, attractive, fun and romantic place - Skadar Lake in Albania and Montenegro

Alright - the sun is rising .. but where is this? And what are these strange metal things in the water?!

Well - this is Skadar Lake (its part in Montenegro) and these are football goals - that are used in the summer - when the water is low..

Do you see the birds - more than 250 bird species can be seen around the lake.. over 250 - imagine that!!!

There are many places around the lake where you can relax at the beach, go fishing or enjoy dinner..

By the way - it is a border lake - part is in Montenegro http://www.balkansgeotourism.travel/content_detail.php?uid=see3B0CC3EE208047404

.. and another part - as spectacular - in Albania: http://www.balkansgeotourism.travel/content_detail.php?uid=see1F4CACF66512D

Come and see - Western Balkans - Land of Discovery www.BalkansGeotourism.travel

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Miraculous lake by Gergana Nikolova
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