Storyweek, 9-16.3 by Edgar

Storyweek, 9-16.3

by Edgar

Every Friday, there's new week in pictures - Storyweek, made by my makers Marusa&Simon. Will keep you posted!

Small vs Big? The battle between brands and how they utilize visual storytelling on social media.

First kisses are awkward. A clothing advertisement, video of 20 strangers kissing went viral. One interpretation is ...

[SLO] 135 miners went on strike - they are in complete darkness in Trbovlje-Hrastnik mine for 2 days already, and won't give up, they say.

Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 may have sent signals for hours after disappearing, but the mystery continues.

Quite a week, it was! Besides profiles, projects & snow in Sofia, there’re lots of surprises for you, dear storytellers. Check yourself ;)

It's not a thing to celebrate, but a time to remember; 100th anniversary of World War I.

Have you seen me, Edgar on all sorts of stuff, and all over the web? Well, if you want to wear my t-shirt, jump overhere:

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Storyweek, 9-16.3 by Edgar
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