Ed in Sofia week 10 by Damjan Obal

Ed in Sofia week 10

by Damjan Obal

Edgar's week number 10 in Sofia. And sun.

It started with something yellow that Marusa got as a present. And she's not letting it go.

Then came Instagram. You can now use your Instagram photos & videos in the story. That's big, seriously. Like a lot.

Then there was the Coneeect conference where we met cool people like Gary and Norris. And made some funky intros with folks like Tom Leland.

Finally, my visa issues were resolved. So Bangalore here I come. #construktfestival

With the fellow immigrants we got a temp office for the weekend. So we could terrorise Sadi (dude in red) with our front-end thingies.

And boy, I swear those bugs are hard to kill.

And the week ended... with an earthquake? No, just a sound test downstairs.

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Ed in Sofia week 10 by Damjan Obal
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