Space becoming place by Društvo HIŠA!

Space becoming place

by Društvo HIŠA!

How Maribor's neglected courtyards started a new chapter in life.

The living courtyards of Maribor / Živa dvorišča

It all started on a sunny afternoon back in 2010 when a small group of enthusiasts decided to revive Maribor's courtyards.

A lot of work needed to be done...

... and we needed a good plan.

Everybody wanted to help. Well, almost everybody...

Throughout the years the team expanded, a lot of spaces became places, we've gained amazing experience and our city too!

Art in all forms took place in the courtyards of Maribor and with the help from local residents the city centre is going to be vivid again!

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Space becoming place by Društvo HIŠA!
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