Demola, Welcome to Edgar by Simon Sovič

Demola, Welcome to Edgar

by Simon Sovič

The short story of how Demola participants should use Edgar :D

Bonjour fellow Storyteller. I am Edgar, and I'll be your guide today

To start this adventure, simply click the big green button "Tell a story"

Once there, you will have to join me on this adventure. Or just sign in if you're already onboard.

Et, Voila. You're ready to create your first story. Simply click the big red plus and off we go!

Keep your stories organised by choosing a title, that you can continue using or amending every week.

Once you're ready. You should fill out "what is your story & where did it happen" in the menu on the right side.

To publish your story, fill out the very last page. Your hashtags should include: #DemolaSlo and your group hashtag. And that's all folks.

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Demola, Welcome to Edgar by Simon Sovič
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