Power to the People by Julia DuFfell

Power to the People

by Julia DuFfell

Get involved in island grid electrification using renewable energy in Cameroon and give power to 460,000 people by 2018 with Solar Era

In Rural Cameroon, the electrification rate is below 5% The only power in these rural areas is provided via generators

Electricity could be provided by island electrification grids powered by renewable energy

These grids run on a combination of hydro, solar and biomass energy and provide for all the rural electrification needs of the communities

Solar Era are working with the Cameroon Government to provide island grid renewable electricity to 460,000 people in rural Cameroon by 2018

Want to be involved with this project? contact us at Solar Era on info@solarera.eu or visit our website solarera.eu

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Power to the People by Julia DuFfell
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