Zona Urbana by Edgar

Zona Urbana

by Edgar

Arts&Craft you'll immediately fall in love with - Zona Urbana - recycled with love.

Are you a recycle freak? You gather stuff which you find laying around? Or just buy everything what's recycled?

Than you'll definitely like this place full of recycled beauties - Bags, lamps, wallets, cases and even toys!

Everything you need for your perfect day, and your unique outfit.

And this is the master behind the Zona Urbana. All the magnificent works come from his creative hands. Impressive, ha?

Take care of the nature, recycle and shop at Zona Urbana: http://4sq.com/jUArmj

But if you already own a masterpiece from Zona Urbana - Tell your story about it, spread the word and support the maker!

Join us on the mission to support makers and share your story about the brand you love. www.edgartells.me

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Zona Urbana by Edgar
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