Hurry Up! We're brainstorming! by Magda Król

Hurry Up! We're brainstorming!

by Magda Król

We are a part of Demola team. Our aim is to create up-to-date knowledge database - useful source of info both for employers and employees.

Firstly, we decided not to wait patiently for the eureka moment. To do so, one sunny Monday we started sharing ideas and thoughts.

To make it more effective, we divided the urgent work. Blogging, playbooking, meetings' schedule - everything was discussed in detailed way.

What we find the most important was the MOTIVATION. How to encourage people to share their experience and skills - this is the question!

Another step we took was defining our goals and future actions. Fulfilling Playbook gave us a fresh glance on our group and individual work.

What we found important was creating our personal profiles using already avaiable social network services. It gives us better understanding!

Another great need is constant strengthening of the cooperation with our partners and drawing common conclusions as well.

There is no time to wait! Let's start the work!

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Hurry Up! We're brainstorming! by Magda Król
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