Construkt - SXSW of India by Damjan Obal

Construkt - SXSW of India

by Damjan Obal

Visual recap of three storyfull days in Bangalore at Construkt festival.

"Damjan, let's have a workshop on storifying design at the SXSW of the East, the Construkt Fest!" Sure, sounds awesome.

I landed in Bangalore, IN just in time to meet the crazily creative #CampusDiaries team at the Jaaga space and get in the storytelling mode.

Partners in crime, the amazing Shriya and Jacob fleshing out the workshop while I was half asleep.

And there we go. Workshop mode ON. From problem definition through bodystorming to prototyping with post-its and mobile videos.

The workshop was a blast. So we went for some more #storyhacking with the gang at the festival.

Fusion of rhythms and visuals...

... and weird dudes? :)

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Construkt - SXSW of India by Damjan Obal
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