#Elevenz London trip by Damjan Obal

#Elevenz London trip

by Damjan Obal

How 8 brave #elevenz startups went to London. And impressed the Queen herself. Not really, but still :)

London here we are. Or Casablanca here we come? :)

The #elevenz teams were reunited once again and ready for the wisdom to be delivered by the wise folks of London.

Boy, look at this deep conversations. Another chapter in the book of "How to do business 101," at Google Campus.

On every quest there's time for recuperation with magical potions and elixirs of old.

And back we go, on the path to startup enlightenment. Words of wisdom by Dimo from Telerik and kick-ass mentors hand picked by Vessy.

And a bonus level: expedition to the best co-working spaces in London. From Rainmaking, to MS Ventures and TechStars.

As a reward for our brave efforts, London was kind enough to pamper us with sun. For 3 days straight. Impossible? I don't think so.

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#Elevenz London trip by Damjan Obal
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