End of Week Blog Post by Emil Skiaker

End of Week Blog Post

by Emil Skiaker

my week

WOW! Everybody this week was kinda disappointing to me. You see, I thought spring break was next week but actually it's after that week!

So, I kinda fell behind in some work. But what was really exciting was that we got letters from pen pals in America, and we wrote back!

My two pen pals were William, and Jake. I think it's always interesting to do this because, every time you get to know someone new.

Last week, me and Elise started a new biography about a famous Baseball player, named Jackie Robinson. I found this very interesting!

And this week we have to make a common craft movie about him. A common craft video is when you, make props and film them while moving them.

So guys this weeks end of week blog post was kinda short because I'm using a site called "Edgar Tells Me" which only allows seven slides!

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End of Week Blog Post by Emil Skiaker
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