DEMOLA - PLAY AND LEARN by Botanic Garden


by Botanic Garden

Group of five female students trying to make Botanic Garden an interesting place to play and learn

Maja Ozvatič - I'm the leader of our group, my interests are music, dancing, sports, surfing online and hanging out with family and friends

Simona Zemljič - I will be taking care of the promotion of the Botanic Garden. I like music, watching movies, going on vacation with friends

Valerija Podpečan - my role is to find solutions related to graphic design and visual presentation. I like sports, reading and photography

Bea Mihelič Vastl - my interest is writing and presenting what we have improved so far. I like sports,hanging with my friends, reading books

Maša Moličnik - I'm taking care of Edgar and documenting ideas along with photos. I like photography and music

Brainstorming on a sunny afternoon and visiting Botanic Garden for the first time

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DEMOLA - PLAY AND LEARN by Botanic Garden
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