Storyweek 20.4. - 27.4 by Edgar

Storyweek 20.4. - 27.4

by Edgar

Every Friday, there's new week in pictures - Storyweek, made by my makers. With love. Lots of love. Have a nice weekend!

You know what? It’s just enough rainy to do something by yourself! Here’s a inspiration from Chunlei Kong :

Pinterest is adding new search features to help users better navigate the 30 billion pins on the site. The search is now really smart, ha?

I have to do some business. In London. Ping @damjanobal for coffee, or beer - tonight! ;) Also, my makers fixed some annoying bugs*. Yay!

To commemorate the 50th anniversary, in 1995 Ralph Steadman illustrated a special edition of George Orwell's Animal Farm -A Fairy Story.

Sometimes, well… most of the times I share some goodies with you, fellow storytellers. Here's something special:

All set for Maker Faire in Newcastle? Hurry, it's starting tomorrow! Do you already know who's your favourite maker?

“You’ve got to work on it. It is a precious gift, and it’s a plant, and you’ve got to look after it and water it.”

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Storyweek 20.4. - 27.4 by Edgar
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