Diary April 20-27 by Damjan Obal

Diary April 20-27

by Damjan Obal

From Easter to London to beer.

Week started with eggs. Bunnies and... Avocados.

Meeting friends, talking to Slovenian startups and making weird-ish selfies.

Oh, the lovely London weather. A great start to 3 days packed with meetings, coffees and beers.

Besides our advisors we've met the makers and crafters of London. Sadly missed the MakerFaire in Newcastle though...

But we didn't miss the best pies. Though, no-one was brave enough to try the jellied eels. Next time, right?

Time to say goodbye to London...

... And hello to some #storytelling with beer with Bevog.at.

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Diary April 20-27 by Damjan Obal
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