Joyce Parker Orshoski by Dorene Paul

Joyce Parker Orshoski

by Dorene Paul

A little bit about my mother, Joyce Parker Orshoski.

Joyce Parker Orshoski, 1931-2010

Joyce Parker was born on December 8, 1931. She was the daughter of Steen Parker and Doris Wheeler.

Joyce loved her grandparents. She often went to stay on the farm with her Grandma Ada and Grandpa Leroy Parker.

Along with several other teenagers, my mother, Joyce Parker, was confirmed at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Sandusky on March 25, 1945.

Joyce E. Parker married Paul R. Orshoski, on July 1, 1950 at St. Paul English Lutheran Church in Sandusky, Ohio.

Joyce and Paul Orshoski had a total of six children: Dorene, Paul,Jr., Robin, Todd, Matt and Kellie. Family meant everything to our parents!

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Joyce Parker Orshoski by Dorene Paul
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